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Nucleo Duro clothing Designs

Nucleo Duro Products

Nucleo Duro stands for "friends who are fiercely loyal". These friendships are the kind you can rely on, because even if things get tough, they will always be there to help you. Like when one of us got stuck in a "ditch" at 4 am, and the others rushed over to rescue him and no questions asked (true story!). We are like family, which is why this store offers a range of tastes inspired by every member of our Nucleo Duro family.



Get to Know Us

Nucleo Duro is a unique clothing shop where you can buy fresh, hip, and awesome pieces inspired by a group of friends who describe themselves as "Nucleo Duro - friends who are fiercely loyal" Each of us has a different style and we believe we can bring something that suits everyone. 


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